Hello my name is Derylene, but everyone calls me Dee. Nov 3 2017 I was diagnosed with stage 1 Her2 negative breast cancer. I went through 5 round of chemo and bilateral mastectomy April 2018.

My bald is beautiful. My last chemo. My theme, Rocking the pearls without the girls.
My bald is beautiful. My last chemo. My theme, Rocking the pearls without the girls.

I got mamo and US every 6 months for 2 yrs, cancer still got missed. Oct 2017 fought with my GYN about another mamo, she finally gave in, Oct 20th got a call from office, no cancer found, see you in 6 most. I called another doctor, was seen Nov 3 had emergency biospy in office, doctor told me to go home, cry, scream, yell, but stay off the internet. Nov 4, doctor called Saturday morning, met her in the office, she showed me the results, we talked and cried together, then she gave me the news. "You have stage 2 invasive carcinoma." We looked at the CD from past ultrasound, and what do we see, cancer in the clip. 3 different CDs all show same time. I was pissed, but I didn't let that define my course of action. My doctor and I came up with a plan. Chemo, then mastectomy. I decided not to have reconstruction, a decision I sometimes regret. My life has been turned upside down since being diagnosed. Team DeWese has been awesome, doctor's, family, friend, and Warriors I met along the way have all been on this journey with me. I am 1 year down with a life time to go. Losing my hair was nothing compared to losing my breasts, I laugh when I tell my story because I always start by saying, "I had to get something off my chest". Losing my breasts saved my life. Granted my life will never be the same, I thank God for Grace and mercy.

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