Belgian girl now living in NYC, and having lost my mother to cancer when I was young, I'm now passionate about tackling cancer with tailored science-based nutrition.

My mother died when I was 15 from cancer. Cancer has always been part of my family: my grandmother & grandfather both had cancer. That's why I became a hypochondriac at the age 21: cancer would be my destiny. Headache? Brain tumor. Bowel & stomach pain for 2 years? Tumor. High cholesterol? Cardiovascular Disease coming. Two years ago, as I am a Chemical Engineer by training, I started investigating nutrition and its impact on cancer. I then changed my diet to mostly whole food plant based meals. No bowel pain anymore. Perfect cholesterol, calcium & even iron levels. I started to understand that, even with bad gene odds, we could redefine the outcomes by stripping our diseases of terrain that would promote growth. Throughout our families hardship, when my mother was sick, I remember the only hope we placed for recovery was in drugs; drugs that weaken you and hurt you at the same time. Nothing was about nutrition. Food at the hospital? White bread, butter and maybe a side salad. Today, I know so much more about how we can build an unfriendly terrain for the disease and limit the side effects, that it makes me angry. That's why I decided to act and create Saana, a company that leverages the latest science in nutrition & cancer, oncology expert recommendations & smart technology to design personalized diet interventions, and directly select & deliver from trusted suppliers, functional meals & nutraceuticals to the patients' doors.

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