I'm Nita Haynes. I live in TN... but am originally from South Carolina. One email sent me to New Jersey to help launch the website. This was the highlight of 2018.

This was a reaction to having been chosen as an Ambassador for this website.Thank you, Immunomedics!
This was a reaction to having been chosen as an Ambassador for this website.Thank you, Immunomedics!

Being diagnosed in September of 2006 was such a surprise. My real estate business was going quite well in South Carolina. I kept saying to my friend who did my mammogram, "I'll be back, but I'm busy now." Since that time, I continued to work for a few years. The breast cancer soon was in the bone at the base of my spine. Well, that wasn't good!! So I moved to Tennessee. Finding a wonderful oncologist in Nashville at Vanderbilt Medical Center, gave me hope where I had none. A clinical trial placed the cancer in remission. Since then, I have been on chemo drugs and clinical trials. As a Triple Negative Metastatic Breast Cancer patient, options are not as available for me as for others who don't share my diagnosis. There is no Cancer Free for me! I have tried to inspire others by telling them to have Faith, to eliminate negative people from their life and to train their mind to overcome obstacles.Never give up!! Set goals and strive to accomplish them. I have set a new goal!One of my granddaughters will graduate in three years from college and I'm striving to be there,watching her receive that diploma! People talk about their New Norm. There's no such words in my vocabulary. There is nothing normal about cancer. Every day there is something new happening!! You just tell yourself to Push Forward as Best you can. Some days you will succeed, some days you won't. A pity party is ok every once in a while! I've found some absolutely wonderful friends along this journey. I've lost far too many of them! But I was blessed to have the time I had with them. It is now 2019 as I write this. I'm 72 years old. I'm alive and very thankful. I may not beat the cancer, but hopefully it will not beat me anytime soon. Moving forward: I am still living proof that meds are still working..August,2019...

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