Alyson, on Friendships

What's been sustaining me during this period is so much love, and I'm drawing from other cultures and friends from other backgrounds.

Alyson, on Lifestyle

March is triple negative breast cancer month. I'm not sure yet what I'll do this month because it's my first March having had triple negative breast cancer. But it does seem like there's a lot going on … I'd say for March, I'm just going to try to be fabulous and get the word out about triple negative breast cancer.

Alyson, on Friendships

My friend Ricki who's African-American, had triple-negative breast cancer and this has brought us a lot closer and it's a special bond that we share … So that's one of the beautiful things about it is that it ... It's not just a black disease. It's not just a white disease. It affects everyone and we do need to all come together to find a cure.

Alyson, on Fear

I feel like triple-negative breast cancer and metastatic cancer is different from other breast cancers because the path is just unknown. I have to tell people, "I don't know if it's going to ever come to an end." So I really have to accept that it's part of my life. It's not something I can brush under the rug and put behind me.

Alyson, on Mindfulness

I was surprised when I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. I had had breast cancer 10 years ago, and it was a very aggressive estrogen-positive cancer. They had considered me cured for 10 years, so I was really shocked that it came back and that it came back in another form.

Alyson, on Lifestyle

I have made my health — physical, mental, and spiritual — my absolute priority and everything else takes a back seat. I feel more connected to my religion and to God. I am Jewish and went to Israel for the first time after I had had a few chemo treatments. The trip revived my heart and my soul, and lifted my spirits.

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