Caroline, on Friendships

I remember, the sister-in-law of the friend, we were talking and she did not push back at all when I was talking about or thinking about death. She really listened and was there with me. That moment was a moment where I was so incredibly grateful. I actually found a gratitude list that I made then … That moment was really important for me, I remember.

Caroline, on Self-care

A friend of mine said to me recently, 'Have you always been this positive?' Which I thought was a funny reaction to a conversation where I was being what I think of as my pretty cynical self. But I think what he was noting was my level of acceptance … and I just can't use all the emotional energy to be angry or frustrated.

Caroline, on Lifestyle

He wrote a couple pieces, which are a part of his incredible book, When Breath Becomes Air. I read a couple of them. He was talking about what it was to live with cancer, to live with terminal cancer. He was writing about processing his emotions. It was so impactful for me to realize people continue to live.

Caroline, on Friendships

The best part of the holidays for me is the uninterrupted time I get with my friends and my family … It's just getting that time in, and since cancer, that time just feels so much more precious, and everything else falls away, other than that time that I get to spend with my friends and my family.

Caroline, on Mindfulness

How do I make a resolution? How do I make a plan? How do I set goals but at the same time realize that so much is out of my control?" So the new year, for me, brings a lot of gratitude and also some anxiety around, jeez, what am I going to do next? What is my life going to look like this year?

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