Kelly, on Lifestyle

And the importance of slowing down, and listening to your body, and remembering that you're human. And I think that's one of the things ... We're all so intent on being superhuman. And until nature comes and slaps us down, ‘no!'

Michael, on Lifestyle

I started seeing other men that were going through that. That I think also was another added layer of, 'I'm not alone in this,' … That helped. I think that's what kind of helped me shift from that thinking of, 'Oh my god. How is this possible?' to, 'Okay. There's things that you can do to help this. Not only yourself, but to help others.

Midori, on Lifestyle

So life just continued. I guess that was the most surprising thing if anything, was that life continued as normal. At work I couldn’t do all the meetings so I had some colleagues help out. That part actually helped, we wanted some routine because you didn’t want to dwell. It was that sense of normalcy that got us through it.

Erika, on Lifestyle

If I get invited to something or I'm doing something and I really don't want to do it, I don't anymore. So if I'm spending time with you, if you're part of my day, it's because I want it to be that way, not because I feel like it has to be.

Nita, on Lifestyle

I love to sew, but my real passion lays outdoors with my plants. They're my pets.

Caroline, on Lifestyle

He wrote a couple pieces, which are a part of his incredible book, When Breath Becomes Air. I read a couple of them. He was talking about what it was to live with cancer, to live with terminal cancer. He was writing about processing his emotions. It was so impactful for me to realize people continue to live.

Michael, on Lifestyle

And then I just sat there and I went, 'Michael, you're stage four. What the hell are you worried about? Live. Get on the plane,' and I did.

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