Midori, on Parenting

You know, I think it's important to say goodnight to my kids every night. You know really going up and laying down with them and just spending that time. Sometimes it's the best conversations I have with my daughter is during that time.

Erika, on Parenting

Part of it was my fault again too because I think I made it my goal to not be that sick person and I never missed a track meet or a rehearsal. Their friends still came over. I still drove them everywhere. I still worked, I still ran, I still did pretty much everything I normally did. I don't think they knew.

Ricki, on Parenting

Amanda had my first grand baby who will be a year old August 16th. Her name is Belle. She is my heart.

Nita, on Parenting

Basically when something does come down to the final hoo rah. I will say that, because my motto has been, what better reward can we have, then to go to heaven?

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