Laura, on Friendships

Support is feeling like they get me. That they get the impact that I’m dealing with a lot of information. That I’m trying to plan out what’s going to happen over the next several months. There’s a lot of unknowns and I’m okay with that but I need to prepare to make sure that I have enough support.

Caroline, on Friendships

I remember, the sister-in-law of the friend, we were talking and she did not push back at all when I was talking about or thinking about death. She really listened and was there with me. That moment was a moment where I was so incredibly grateful. I actually found a gratitude list that I made then … That moment was really important for me, I remember.

Nita, on Friendships

I think people are scared to talk to you when you have cancer, but I am a realist and I will talk about death any day. How I feel, what I want, what I can't do.

Nita, on Friendships

Just for today, laugh out loud, sing a song, be assertive, be silly, be happy, be strong. Just for today do it all once and then if you liked it tomorrow do it all once again. Sometimes it's easiest just to think about one day at a time. Isn't that beautiful?

Kelly, on Friendships

That was the point when I had to ask for help. I called a friend over and they finished my laundry for me. It was a humbling moment, but at the same time it was a beautiful moment because I had people who were there to support me, and surround me with love.

Caroline, on Friendships

The best part of the holidays for me is the uninterrupted time I get with my friends and my family … It's just getting that time in, and since cancer, that time just feels so much more precious, and everything else falls away, other than that time that I get to spend with my friends and my family.

Ricki, on Friendships

Every day is precious. I treasure every opportunity to choose life and have more time in the world with the people that I love and who love me. At Christmas time I just try to spend more time with people that mean something to me and are special.

Alyson, on Friendships

What's been sustaining me during this period is so much love, and I'm drawing from other cultures and friends from other backgrounds.

Alyson, on Friendships

My friend Ricki who's African-American, had triple-negative breast cancer and this has brought us a lot closer and it's a special bond that we share … So that's one of the beautiful things about it is that it ... It's not just a black disease. It's not just a white disease. It affects everyone and we do need to all come together to find a cure.

Nicole, on Friendships

There's so much support and information for the patients. But finding that same support and information for family, friends, caregivers, I feel like is much less seen. Those stories I think are just as important. Because stories connect us and they make us feel stronger. They make us feel not alone.

Nita, on Friendships

I'm remembering friends I have lost to cancer during the past year and a half. Each and every one of these beautiful women will always have a place in my heart! We were friends who encouraged one another! I still am inspired by them and will continue on my journey as long as possible as they did. Amy, April, Lisa and Susan, rest in peace!

Nita, on Friendships

There is nothing like a support group on this journey. Just this morning, a patient friend and I were venting to one another and in the end, we had calmed each other down. My group are fellow patients whom I just started talking with in the lobby while waiting for good friends!

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