Erika, on Body

I said, 'Really? You wouldn't be embarrassed?' She goes, 'Mom, you're not like Britney Spears who went crazy and shaved her head. You have cancer.' I said, 'Oh.' Eventually they were just like, 'Mom, who cares.' I was like, 'Oh, all right. I thought you guys would care. I was doing it for you.' For Samantha to say that to me it was like very heartwarming.

Midori, on Body

Again, nobody cared, nobody looked at me weird. I think maybe if I was not in New York City, if I was anywhere else maybe the style would have been a little bit drastic, maybe a little butch or something. I think there was an article in the New York Times that came out around that time, it was the hip hairstyle of the moment, and I was like, 'Alright, well this is it.'

Nurse Clare, on Body

Well maybe you can still do those things, maybe it’s not you just alone on a paddle board, maybe you're out there with your partner in a double person Kayak or something like that.

Erika, on Body

Well, I had a haircutting party. I like to party. So I figured, if I'm going to lose my hair, I might as well have a haircutting party to kind of buffer some of the emotions of the whole thing, and if I had everybody around, then maybe it would be a little bit easier to digest, because that's a big thing, the haircutting. So I had a haircutting party.

Ricki, on Body

I think before I used to think about how big are my muscles ... I used to wear two pairs of socks because my legs were skinny. I'm more concerned about what am I eating? Am I eating well? Am I sleeping enough? Am I doing the right things to keep myself healthy? As opposed to how I look.

Ricki, on Body

I think I'm just more aware of my body now. I was a dancer growing up, so I was always sort of aware of my body, but it's a different kind of thing now. You have a different priority. I'm more aware of my body relative to being healthy as opposed to how I look.

Julie, on Body

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer on December 6, 2013. I was having neck pain for almost a year and thought it was just arthritis or a pinched nerve. I had no idea the words I would hear next would be I had 1 of three possible causes. Arthritis, osteoporosis or Cancer. My story begins there.

Lupe, on Body

July 3rd, 2 years ago, my husband has been having discomfort in his stomach...not wanting to go...since 4th of July next day. I am insistent. Our nightmare begins. He is immediately sent to hospital with a tumor diagnosis. 4th of July is spent in 6 hrs. In surgery to remove mass in his stomach. They are sure they removed all tumor...radiation to begin.

Nita, on Body

When my hair was gone for several years, I wanted to hide the fact that I was bald. Then I decided to venture out. One lady came across the room to tell me how brave I was, another said she admired me but could never to it! Interesting comments!

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