Erika, on Body

I said, 'Really? You wouldn't be embarrassed?' She goes, 'Mom, you're not like Britney Spears who went crazy and shaved her head. You have cancer.' I said, 'Oh.' Eventually they were just like, 'Mom, who cares.' I was like, 'Oh, all right. I thought you guys would care. I was doing it for you.' For Samantha to say that to me it was like very heartwarming.

Kelly, on Friendships

That was the point when I had to ask for help. I called a friend over and they finished my laundry for me. It was a humbling moment, but at the same time it was a beautiful moment because I had people who were there to support me, and surround me with love.

Midori, on Mindfulness

So another Thanksgiving has come and gone. I'm very thankful to be with my family, my loved ones. But at the same time it was a tough time for me ... I do often wonder what happens next year, two years, three years from now. Will I still be around? But as much as possible I do try to be thankful for the people around me.

Caroline, on Mindfulness

How do I make a resolution? How do I make a plan? How do I set goals but at the same time realize that so much is out of my control?" So the new year, for me, brings a lot of gratitude and also some anxiety around, jeez, what am I going to do next? What is my life going to look like this year?

Nicole, on Friendships

There's so much support and information for the patients. But finding that same support and information for family, friends, caregivers, I feel like is much less seen. Those stories I think are just as important. Because stories connect us and they make us feel stronger. They make us feel not alone.

Karen, on Mindfulness

A turning point for me — by my third chemo treatment a coworker noticed how frail I looked and suggested acupuncture. By this time I had dropped three dress sizes, so I was ready to try anything. After my second session of acupuncture the nausea and vomiting were under control, and unlike before, I was able to eat the same day of treatment.

Erika, on Self-care

As another Mother's Day approaches I have the same feelings I have towards almost all holidays. Happiness to be alive, sadness for those who aren't, pain for those currently in treatment, and worry if I will make it to the next Mother's Day. I will take a moment in all of the chaos of the day and be thankful to have this time with my family.

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