Nita, on Friendships

Well, Christmas time came and I was in the lobby and one of the nurses came out and she said somebody in the back wants to see you, well, I had no idea who it might be. But it was him, he had brought me a Christmas gift and I said why did you do that? And he said, because you’re the only person who‘s ever come in my room and talked to me and I’ve been coming here a long time.

Nita, on Friendships

I think people are scared to talk to you when you have cancer, but I am a realist and I will talk about death any day. How I feel, what I want, what I can't do.

Nita, on Parenting

Basically when something does come down to the final hoo rah. I will say that, because my motto has been, what better reward can we have, then to go to heaven?

Nita, on Friendships

Just for today, laugh out loud, sing a song, be assertive, be silly, be happy, be strong. Just for today do it all once and then if you liked it tomorrow do it all once again. Sometimes it's easiest just to think about one day at a time.' Isn't that beautiful?

Nita, on Lifestyle

I love to sew, but my real passion lays outdoors with my plants. They're my pets.

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