Midori, on Lifestyle

So life just continued. I guess that was the most surprising thing if anything, was that life continued as normal. At work I couldn’t do all the meetings so I had some colleagues help out. That part actually helped, we wanted some routine because you didn’t want to dwell. It was that sense of normalcy that got us through it.

Midori, on Fear

Why did this happen? What can I do to keep this from coming back? The fear of recurrence is very real. It sort of invades your whole life down to every time I eat a piece of chocolate. Should I be eating this? I feel guilty about this. A glass of wine. Is this bad? Red meat?

Midori, on Parenting

You know, I think it's important to say goodnight to my kids every night. You know really going up and laying down with them and just spending that time. Sometimes it's the best conversations I have with my daughter is during that time.

Midori, on Body

Again, nobody cared, nobody looked at me weird. I think maybe if I was not in New York City, if I was anywhere else maybe the style would have been a little bit drastic, maybe a little butch or something. I think there was an article in the New York Times that came out around that time, it was the hip hairstyle of the moment, and I was like, 'Alright, well this is it.'

Midori, on Mindfulness

So another Thanksgiving has come and gone. I'm very thankful to be with my family, my loved ones. But at the same time it was a tough time for me ... I do often wonder what happens next year, two years, three years from now. Will I still be around? But as much as possible I do try to be thankful for the people around me.

Midori, on Fear

It's actually the psychological impact afterward when you stop treatment, when you're not going in for regular check-ins, when you have this cloud of anxiety about what you're eating or drinking, or this pain and whether that pain means something else.

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